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Welcome to Rafflrs

Welcome to Rafflrs! Rafflrs is an exciting yet easy-to-use platform for participating in raffles online. It gives you the opportunity to win your dream prize for as little as £1, with prizes ranging across a wide variety of different luxury products. For further details, check out How to enter, as well as the FAQs for any questions.

The Rafflrs Team

Ehsun | Co-Founder

I'm really excited to welcome you to Rafflrs! I hope you find a raffle that catches your eye. We’re hoping to increase the range of prizes we offer all the time, giving you more and more opportunities to win those prizes! All the best of luck and I hope you enjoy using our website.

Michel | Co-Founder

I'm glad you're joining us on Rafflrs and I sincerely hope we can count you among our winners! If there are any prizes you wish to see on the website, don't hesitate to let us know!

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